Welcome to the Family!

We are a group of like-minded, fun-loving, car-driving people. Our club is open to any and all people that love cars - technically you don't even have to own one! There are no fees, no official meetings, no supreme leader, or even a list of over-bearing rules. All that we ask is that you come to some events, represent the club, be nice, have fun, and do your best to help the club and other members when needed. We aren't a non-proft per se, but we do raise money and supplies for good charities that get it to the people that really need it.

BRM September Cruise-in

This month we are cruisin' for the Rotary Club and their charities. We are needing donations for families in need like diapers, hygene products, razors, feminine products, shampoo, toilet paper, and toothpaste. Every little bit helps, so bring something with you to the cruise!

Rock Raffle for Charity

We would like to thank everyone, with a special thanks to Southern Builders and Caneyville Crushed Stone, who helped to make the Rock Raffle a huge success. We raised $1100.00 for the Leitchfield Animal Shelter!Click Here for more info!

BRM End of Year Bash

We will be having a mega cruise-in or a car show without all the fuss! Everyone come hang out and enjoy the best October can offer. We will have live music, games, and food at Bailey's ZIP Mart in Millwood.

Recent Club Gatherings